The Dogs of Wilson Motors

Griffey The Hawk Dawg

Griffey is a BullDog/Boxer Mix. As evident with his Jersey... He does Bark "GO Hawks"


Faithful companion of Crystal Mervyn-Internet Sales


Bebe is a 2 year old Havanese, is 6.5 pounds full grown, and is loved by Pete Nelson, Manager, and his family

Abbey Lane and Glory B. Jones

Abbey Lane, 10, is a Golden Retriever, and Glory B. Jones, 2, is a Black Lab. They are the childres of Jim Burress, our used car Guru. "The Girls", Jim says, "picked their own names."

Dog Two


Dog Four



Sydney Cook loves her puppy.

Fintan the Samoyed

Proud Owners: Estella and Mike Welsh (2011 Tundra) The Samoyed dog takes its name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia.


Owned by Miss Diane Gillespie - 2007 Prius


Proudly owns her Master, Bryan Johnson - 2006 and 2008 Prius

Bandit and Star

Peggy loves her dogs. Their names are Bandit, age 8 and Star, age 3yr. They are purebred Australian Shepherds.

Kiki the Bengal

Yes, Kiki is not a dog but could probably eat one. She is a huge Bengal Cat and is owned by Shawn Gregory, our General Sales Manager. Funny to hear how she tends to run the household.

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